Installing DBX for Pipeliner


SQL Server
Make sure that you have an instance of MS SQL Server (Express) that you can use with DBX for Pipeliner.  The SQL Server instance can be a local installation or it could be on a different machine in the network.  If you don’t have an installation of MS SQL, then install MS SQL Express 2014 using the following link :

*Make sure that during the installation of MS SQL Express to use both Windows Authentication and SQL User/Password.


DBX for Pipeliner requires that you have a local installation of Pipeliner on the same system where you will be running DBX for Pipeliner.

Installation and Configuration

Download the latest build of the application by getting a copy of the installation file from the download page.  The installation process will take you through the DBX Configuration Tool.

Make sure that the “SQL Server Instance” setting is pointing at the correct instance.  If you installed SQL Express and it was a new installation on that computer then it would have defaulted to computername\sqlexpress.  The “SQL Login Name” should reflect the “sa” as the username and the password should be what you have specified during the SQL installation process.


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