Quick Notes For First Time Users

Here are a few tips to help you get up and running quickly and smoothly as possible:

  • You may register right away.  The license key is sent out in the registration confirmation e-mail.  Though it says within 48 hours in the e-mail it is typically sent out within next few minutes after purchasing the product.
  • DBX requires the Pipeliner API settings.  If you are not an admin in Pipeliner, you may need the assistance from somebody who has access to the Pipeliner API settings so that you can setup a profile in DBX.
  • Ready to import? Take baby steps.  Some users are so eager to import data into Pipeliner that they use their full import file on their first time to use DBX.  Though it is possible to get it right the first time, removing incorrectly imported data in Pipeliner requires a lot of time so it is hard to recover from it.  Try to have maybe 2-3 records in the import file and make sure that those import proper first.
  • Start by mapping a few fields, including the required fields.  Make sure that you can import at all.  So the quickest way possible is to map just a few fields.  Once you have proven that it works, then you can add the rest of the field mappings.
  • Unique record identifiers can make things a lot easier.  DBX provides an powerfull record matching feature, allowing users to use various ways to identify duplicate records such as matching against a single field value or by combining several field values.  The best record matching criteria however is based on a field that contains a unique value for each record, such as a social security number.  If you can setup your Pipeliner Accounts/Contacts to have a unique identifier data then that would be a big help in making sure that duplicates will be avoided by imports.
  • Setup record matching criteria right away!  If you are planning on having imports update existing records then setup record matching right away.  With those first 2-3 sample records, it would be easy to prove that the record matching is working.
  • Remember to sync.  DBX imports data directly to the cloud so your Pipeliner client will not see the changes unless you synchronize.

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