Release Notes

Date : February 9, 2018
Change(s) :

  • Automatically detect and update the setting for Team Pipeline service url. This prevents processes to fail when the setting is changed by Pipeliner automatically.

Date : July 30, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Invalid Sales Unit field mapping data are now removed from the field mapping.
  • Added new option under the Log Status tab to open the File Log associated to the selected row.

Date : July 27, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Fixed bug where entities with orphaned associated editor and watcher will result in errors when trying to update. If only orphaned editor and watcher are found, the field will automatically get mapped to an empty value.
Date : May 1, 2017
Date : July 21, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Added data check for orphaned associated sales units and clients set in Watchers/Editors.

Date : June 22, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Sanitized associated sales units or clients to the Sharing settings for entity records.
    Deleted pipelines or clients remain associated to an entity even though they are deleted/disabled in Pipeliner. DBX removes those associations to properly update the entity record.

Date : June 19, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Read-only fields can now be overwritten when importing data.

Date : June 12, 2017

Breaking Changes For Users Upgrading From Pipeliner v.11 to v.12.  Please review your field mappings in the application after installing this update.

  • Activities / Appointments
    • Field Mapping field names added
      • SALES_UNIT – required when creating new records.
      • LINKED_ACCOUNT_ID – Id of the linked Account
      • LINKED_CONTACT_ID – Id of the linked Contact
      • LINKED_OPPTY_ID – Id of the linked Opportunity
      • LINKED_LEAD_ID – Id of the linked Lead
      • Watchers – associated pipeline items
  • Opportunity
    • Field Mapping field names were renamed:

Change(s) :

  • Updated interface of the Profile selecting dialog.


Change(s) :

  • Fixed issue where contacts were incorrectly linking to accounts when the LINKED_ACCOUNT_ID field is mapped and the contact is a new record.
  • Fixed issue where opportunities were incorrectly linking to accounts when the ACCOUNT_RELATIONS field is mapped and the opportunity is a new record.
  • Improved logging by separating log files by the hour.  DBX Log files are located in c:\temp.

Date : April 23, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Opportunities import tasks now supports attaching multiple Accounts and Contacts to an opportunity.
  • Improved logging by allowing more details of exception errors to be logged.

Date : March 12, 2017
Change(s) :

  • Fixed issue where record matching criteria for Opportunity Product import failed to properly find a match.

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