Importing Opportunities With Products

Associating products to opportunities in the import process is relatively easy.  We will explore 2 ways this can be achieved.

Shown below is a screenshot of the products section for an opportunity.


Option #1 : Import associated products as the opportunity is imported

This option requires that data is mapped to the Products field.  Here is a simple field mapping against the Products field when mapping the Opportunity entity fields

The field mapping above will only import the product name and there will be no price or quantity associated to it.

If you need to include the quantity and price, simply include the data in the field mapping as shown below.  The pattern is

‘ProductName | Quantity | Price’

For example :  ‘ACCESSORIES:WHITE US ADAPTER|2|5.00’

To map multiple products, simply follow the same pattern and separate the entries by a comma:


If the quantity value or the price value is not specified then it will default to zero

So if you have  ‘ACCESSORIES:WHITE US ADAPTER||’ then the values will be mapped as  ‘ACCESSORIES:WHITE US ADAPTER|0|0’

Option #2: Import Opportunites Related Products as a separate import 

Simply map the import fields as shown below:

In the example above, the Oppty_Id and Product_Id uses a SQL Query expression to capture the Id of the opportunity that will be updated and the product that will be associated to the opportunity.

If the product is already associated to the opportunity, it will be updated with the new price and quantity.

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