Updating Opportunities To Deleted status

Users can set an Opportunity to Archive.  After a while, setting those opportunities to Deleted status makes more sense.

So how do you update opportunities (and same for other entities) to have a status of Deleted for those which are already set as Archive?

  1. First, create a new process that will import/update Opportunities.
  2. Set the process to have an ODBC/SQL data source and pick the Pipeliner database.
  3. Setup the data source to use a query that will return all opportunities which are set to Archive but are not set as Deleted.

  4. Map only the “ID” and the “IS_Deleted” fields as shown below.  Map IS_Deleted to an <Expression> and set the value to 1.

  5. Set the “Allow Deleted or Archived…” setting under the Advanced Settings tab to be checked.

  6. Execute the process.  It is highly recommended to test your setup against a small set of records before running it for all the data set that needs to be updated.

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