Product Features

DBX MailChimp Connect provides a seamless integration between MailChimp and GoldMine. Let DBX MailChimp Connect do most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to keeping your GoldMine data in sync with your MailChimp campaign results.

View MailChimp Campaign Stats

View the core stats from a campaign result. Info such as emails sent and those which have bounced back or flagged as unsubscribed.

Update GoldMine Data

Perform various data update actions against your GoldMine database. Update e-mail merge codes and even delete e-mail address based on unsubscribe or bounce backs.

Update MailChimp List

Update existing MailChimp subscriber list based on account within contact groups in GoldMine. Its the simplest way to pick the right email addresses out of GoldMine and into your MailChimp subscriber list.

Build Contact Groups

Create segments based on e-mail delivery. Build contact groups based on unsubscribe or bounce backs.

Generate Campaign History

Track MailChimp campaign historical data in GoldMine. Generate history records for campaign recipients.

Track Opens and Clicks

Track latest open and click dates for email campaigns. Store tracking data as detail records.

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Environment Requirements

  • Windows 7 Pro and up
  • .Net Framework 4.52

GoldMine Software Compatibility

All versions of GoldMine from GoldMine 7.0 to GoldMine 9.x are supported.

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