Product Features

The best data management tool for the job. Designed exclusively for GoldMine data migration and continuous data integration tasks.

Import New Data

Create new contacts, details, history, and calendar records with ease.

Update Existing Data

Perform bulk updates to your existing records with advanced data functions.

Extensive Record Matching

Avoid creating duplicate records by using multi-level record matching capabilities.

Advanced Data Functions

Format import data to ensure data consistency.

Group Builder

Rebuild your groups automatically using custom queries.

Web Import Module

Upgrade to a better web import process, used advanced import options.

Relationship Tree Builder

Create trees with multiple views of your data and use expressions for the display values.

E-mail Notification and Reporting

Send out e-mail notifications based on an event or conditions evaluated from the database records.

Supports Various Data Sources

Retrieve data from text files, MS SQL databases, and ODBC compliant data sources such as Excel, MS Access, dBase, Oracle, and Quickbooks.

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Environment Requirements

  • Windows 7 Pro and up
  • SQL Express 2014 and up
  • .Net Framework 4.52

GoldMine Software Compatibility

All versions of GoldMine from GoldMine 7.0 to GoldMine 9.x are supported.

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