Automated Process Execution

Running a process within the DBX Data Management interface is very easy.  You simply click on a process from “Processes” section and click on “Execute” command button.

But how can users run the process so it can be run in an automated fashion?

Meet the command line runner – dbxcorerunner.exe.  This executable is located in the same installation folder where the DBX Data Management was installed.  To run a particular process, simply execute dbxcorerunner.exe with the process number as a parameter, for example:

dbxcorerunner.exe p:27

Let’s breakdown the command.

dbxcorerunner.exe – this is the main executable found in the installation folder of DBX.

p – this is a tag which indicates that it is passing a “process” as the parameter

27 – this is the process number.  The process number can be found from the “Id” column in the “Processes” section as shown below.

The command line dbxcorerunner.exe p:27 can be scheduled to run using the built-in windows task scheduler or with a similar tool that can schedule the execution of an application.


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