Set Text File As Import Data Source

Note: Field headers are required when using a text file as a data source.  It is highly recommended that the field names do not have spaces and special characters.

Click on the “Data Source” tab to setup the source of the records for import.  If the data source is a CSV file, then click on the “New” button as shown below then select “Text File”.

Selecting “Text File” will bring up the Text File data source dialog and the Task Description should be provided a value that closely describes the data source, for example, “read file from marketing”.

Go to the “Source File” tab and select the text file that contains the import data.  A preview of the data read from the text file is displayed in the “Preview” grid.

You may restrict the set of data set that will be imported by specifying a filter expression.  The filter expression should typically look like the expression in the “Where” clause of a SQL query.


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