Updating Opportunity Data With Latest Note Entry

This article will demonstrate how to update an Opportunity custom field named “Last Note Type” based on the latest note entered against the opportunity.

Here is what the field looks like :

Step 1 – Create A New Process

Step 2 – Get All Notes With Valid Action

We need to retrieve all valid notes in Bullhorn.  DBX provides a way to retrieve Bullhorn data through the Bullhorn Data Source Task.  Click here to see the steps.

Step 3 – Get Opportunities Modified In The Last 216 days.

We now need to retrieve the Opportunities which have been modified in the last 216 days.  The number of days can be any range, for this example, all opportunities which have been modified in the last 216 days will be evaluated.  Click here to see the steps.

Step 4 – Get Opportunities That Needs Updating

So far we downloaded data from the Notes and Opportunity entities. We now need to compare the latest note added to the opportunities against the data from Notes to see if the Note Action is different – which means that we need to update the opportunity Last Note Type field.  Click here to see the steps.

Step 5 – Update Opportunity “Last Note Type” Field

The last step is an Opportunity import task named “Update Opportunity Last Note Type”.

Make sure that the data source is set to “Get Opportunities for update”.

Let us see what we have mapped:

id – This is the id field for the opportunity.  This means that we are updating an existing opportunity.

customText10 – In this example, we have a text field which simply contains the latest note type.

Last Note Type – In this example, this field is labeled “Last Note Type” but the backing field is customText4 which is defined as a drop down field.

It is recommended that you test it out against test opportunities.  To do so, create a test opportunity and take note of the Id for that opportunity.  You would then go to the “Data Source” tab and add a filter Expression such as

id in (79,80,81)

assuming that the test opportunity records has an id of 79,80, and 81.

Step 6 – Save and Close

Step 7 – Test

With a test opportunity in place, add a new note to the test opportunity records and then run the entire process.  Inspect the opportunity records if they were updated with the expected values.

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