Product Features

From simple data imports to advanced integration and migration tasks, our product was built to deliver what is expected for a data management tool - it just works.

Quick & Easy Setup

It just takes a few minutes to install and configure. You will be importing your data in no time.

Import CRM Data

Quickly import data from various data sources with ease. Keep your data fresh, keep it relevant.

Advanced Features

Transform data, add logic to data selection, and easily integrate external data sources.

Multiple Data Sources

Text files, SQL databases, and ODBC compliant databases.

Update Data Directly

Query Bullhorn data directly and update each record automatically.

Advanced Record Matching

Prevent importing duplicate records and avoid data integrity issues.

Automation Enabled

Schedule data process execution to automate data integration tasks.

Flexible Licensing Model

In need for a long term implementation or a one time data migration, we got it covered.

It Just Works

Migrate your data with high confidence. Get more things done with a fully integrated data management solution.

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Unregistered installations will run in "Demo" mode.

Environment Requirements

  • Windows 7 Pro and up
  • SQL Express 2014 and up
  • .Net Framework 4.52

Bullhorn Software Compatibility

Updates are always released to ensure that it remains compatible with latest Bullhorn version.

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Perpetual License



Are you performing data integration/migration for a Bullhorn system as a permanent solution? If yes then this license type will work for you.

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Time Limited License



Typically used for one-time data migration projects. Access to all features of the application within the 30 day period.

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Annual Maintenance



Required software maintenance subscription for all active DBX Data Management installations.